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We invite you to join the Trakehners UK Stallion Covering Plan for 2017. All stallions who join the plan will be included in the marketing of stallions, on the website, in any advertising placed and on trade stands where Trakehners UK are exhibiting. We would strongly encourage all owners of Trakehner Stallions standing at stud to join the Covering Plan for 2017.

We are exhibiting at the British Breeders Stallion Event at Bury Farm on Saturday 7th January 2017.  We will be promoting Trakehners who are members of the Stallion Plan and therefore need you to join before the 31st December 2016.

IMPORTANT:  If you wish to be included in our advertising which will be published at the same time as the Stallion Event 2017 then your entry to the plan must be confirmed before 25th November 2016 as copy date for copy is 1st December 2016.

We are also planning an Advert in the Competition Stallions 2017 Guide - Copy Date for this one is 23rd November 2016 

We will be happy to display your stud cards on our stand and distribute to Mare owners for stallions on the plan.  Please send any marketing literature to Nicky Nash before 31st December 2016.

Registration Form (print & post)
Registration Form (complete online)


Register Online

A separate Stallion application form must be completed for each stallion please.


1 Stallion = £100


2 Stallions = £150 

3 Stallions = £200


4 Stallions = £250


Web listing only = £30 per stallion





The stallions featured in this Covering Plan are those that have been put forward by their owners for special attention by British breeders of Trakehner horses. Each has met the full criteria for selective breeding in the Trakehner stud books: ‘grading’and an approved stallion performance test.

In addition, each stallion has been subjected to Veterinary examination for relevant infectious diseases, and the certificates examined by the Registrar. Mare owners can expect that the keepers of these stallions have all the necessary papers such as covering certificates, foaling returns and registration forms to achieve full registration of the resultant foal.

There are, of course, many more Approved Trakehner Stallions available. It is strongly to a covering to assure they will be able to achieve full registration of the resultant foal.


Special attention should be paid to the use of chilled semen from outside the UK. If sourced in the EU, this must come from an EU Approved Collecting Station, lists of which can be found on the DEFRA web site. For other countries check with DEFRA. Full importation certificates are mandatory, and copies must be submitted with the foal registration. Insemination forms are in use for both frozen and chilled semen, and all frozen semen foals are subject to DNA testing prior to registration.

If you have any queries please contact the Registrar. Our aim is for you to have a trouble free experience in breeding and registering a stunning Trakehner foal that will take you to the top.